Update 0.1 is live!


Hello, everyone!

We are glad to announce that World of Speed Update 0.1 is now live!  It features new Ranked Race game mode, new London racing tracks, a brand new dealer with top-notch new supercars, improved external controllers support and of course - tons of bug fixes and smaller enhancements.

Also, we would like to specifically emphasize this update is just one of the many we are planning for the future, all of which would be released on a regular basis.

Below you can find a detailed list of changes for the 0.1 update.

New game mode for experienced players - Ranked Races*:

  • Compete for rank

  • Track your rating in the global leaderboard

  • Get promoted to more prestigious leagues

  • Win prizes in the end of every season

  • Become the Grandmaster - absolute champion of World of Speed

*Please note that the Ranked Races are now in alpha testing, thus they are available only from 5PM to 7PM UTC.

 Brand new car dealer - "Ultimate Power", which opens access to "I" tier vehicles:

  • Pagani Huayra - the car with greatest maximal speed

  • McLaren MP4-12C - the car with the greatest acceleration rate

London - new location featuring new racing tracks:

  • Trafalgar Chicane - perfectly balanced mix of straight sectors and sharp turns

  • Palace - long straight sectors to embrace top speed, few sharp turns to win advantage over clumsies

  • Westminster - a paradise of sharp turns without straight sectors long enough to reach top speed

  • St. James Loop - a lot of shortcut options, long straight sectors and really mean turns

 Improved support for gaming controllers:

  • The number of supported gaming devices is extended*

  • Reworked controller input processing logic  

  • Advanced options for controllers setup added

*Even more devices will be supported in future updates

 Readjusted balance for a number of cars:

  • Ford Focus: increased upgrade bonuses for maneuverability, top speed and acceleration

  • Toyota GT86: decreased upgrade bonuses for top speed and acceleration

  • Subaru BRZ: decreased upgrade bonuses for top speed and acceleration

  • Nissan 200SX: decreased upgrade bonus for top speed

  • Mazda RX7: increased upgrade bonuses for acceleration, decreased bonus for top speed

  • Mini Cooper S: increased upgrade bonus for maneuverability

 Have a nice time playing and see you in the World of Speed!

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