Pagani Huayra: overtaking the wind


Hello everyone!

In the coming update there will be two new cars and one of them is supercar Pagani Huayra. Thus the time is ripe for telling more about it.

 Pagain Huayra in World of Speed

The production of this supercar started on spring of 2012 and the manufacturer claimed that planned quantity would not exceed 40 pieces per year. Huayra is one of the most expensive cars in the world; the price starts from the fancy sum of 1.34 million dollars not including wheels, tyres, or even mirrors.

The name of this car originates from the ancient Native American mythology – the god of wind namely, which fits perfectly to a stunning speed Pagani Huayra can build due to the power of its engine of more than 700 horsepower! For safety reasons its gasoline tank is stored between the vehicle interior and engine, being protected with an anti roll cage, made of kevlar and other special materials.

The bodywork of the supercar is designed similar to a reversed airplane wing – for purposes of air currents movement optimization it can change its shape with four tilt flaps controlled by a computer.

Interestingly, a contraption placed in the middle of the seats is in fact a height regulator. Turning the screw both driver and passenger can either lower or raise their seats right in action. 

Pagani Huayra interior

For the time being Pagani Huayra is the fastest car of World of Speed game. Its initial maximum speed value is 370 km/h (230 mph), which can be significantly increased with the help of upgrades applied. Moreover, the supercar is distinct for the high level of controllability considering its rather light weight of 1301 kg (2868 lb). The car is perfect for tracks with long tangents as its fantastically small acceleration time allows it to reach the top speed for mere seconds, while city tracks with lots of turns will force drivers to either moderate their lust for speed or get into the habit of using drifts on sharp turns. 

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