At Queen Elizabeth's


Hello everyone!

As we have announced earlier, the upcoming update introduces a new pack of tracks, all set in London. Inspired by rumor, debate and hopes of an F1 race in London, we present you several new race tracks set in the capital of Great Britain, all of them diverse and suitable both for beginners and professionals, for fans of drift as well as for fans of high speeds.

While the authorities now argue and research the possibility of F1 Grand Prix through the streets of central London, we believe that this race could be even more impressive than the Monaco Grand Prix, currently the most famous and glamorous of motor racing’s street circuits.

We have tried to imagine what it would look like when you combine the naturally wide and long roads and a real blend of corners with the world famous monuments that would feature in the backdrop.

Well, why don’t you look at these tracks yourself, from behind the wheel of your favorite car?

Trafalgar Chicane

The Trafalgar track is a fair, balanced set of straight sections and very steep turns. It also offers racer a choice between the classic route and the bypass route twice. The track will suit the lovers of high speeds as well as the masters of sharp turns, as such turns are in abundance here. The owners of balanced cars will find themselves most comfortable on this track.


The Palace

The track of the Royal Palace is full of long straight stretches, where you can unleash the full potential of the speed of your car. However, several insidious turns are waiting for you on city streets. This track is for the racers who are able not only to reach a high speed but can manage to keep it after the sharp turns. And only cars with high rates of maximum speed and handling can help them in this hard task.



This track is a real gift for lovers of sharp turns and drift. Owners of the highest tier cars will slip the longest straight section faster than in a couple of seconds. Cars with rear-wheel drive and rapid acceleration are ideal for this track.


The loop of St. James

The loop of St. James is perhaps the most difficult of the tracks of London pack. This track significantly exceeds the rest of the tracks in the UK in numbers of complex turns, and by the presence of complex traffic options. Choice of the optimal car for this track is not easy: the rear drive can be handy to drift through the loop, increased stability allows to cut through the park, and a high speed can help to gain an advantage on a long straight section.


The London set of tracks will appeal to racers of any rank - from beginner to professional - and will give you an excellent opportunity to sharpen your skills and demonstrate them to your opponents. We hope that you will like this place as much as we do!


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